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to be placed on russia economically. they are an energy export dependent economy. once that we can do is to open up our export of liquefied natural gas. it will have a huge impact on the price and that russia enjoys in their monopoly dominated europe. i have a bill that would have expanded the gas exports to nato. dropping a bill today that will expanded even further. entering this in the national market and economically impact russia. neil: at the very least we should re-examine our opposition to drafting and some states. that is just more energy for us and the one thing that i'm curious about is it's precisely that energy independence. we need a lot of energy coming via russia and the ukraine. so don't think that. >> it certainly is an issue. they are, as you describe, being economically impacted by some very old things. this president needs to step it up and in that weakness, russia will be adventurous spirit even if they are and they start feeling the pain of their own stupidity or bullying, maybe that is what gives them cause in the future and tyrants who might think about doing
have lost but energy resources are extraordinarily rich to use that wealth to reestablish military might. >> the biggest geopolitical threat you said russia. not al qaeda in 1980 soared out they are asking for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over 20 years. neil: that is the '80s back on the phone because forget whether the president wants to use words like that he might want to do the same. >> if you like your health care plan you can keep it. period. neil: that is the thing is that all comes back to make people think twice. they always regret to their words when it comes to russia at least you are not what we said. >> i remember hillary clinton talked about sniper fire. >> are these recording instruments? >> this rob the faint of a bite to call the '80s and gatt ronald reagan back. but it shows mitt romney but have made a good president who was the biggest -- the best candidate but shown compared to the weak leadership obama me but have been better off. the republican field is so wide open and that the theme is that you just showed better so empirically wro
and they are affected by energy policy, the board room, at home. also republica don't worry about the life of julia. brendon can make up their own mind. we have to approach th on policy andhings that matter but that resonates with more than just the war on blended. i am done with that personally i am pro woman and pro america. i will leave it at that. >>. [laughter] that was cute. thanyou. lou: we saw the white flag surrender. [laughter] >> i know when i am outnumred. [laughter] lou: maybe the democrats have something. outcomes the chairman of the ways and means committee to releaswhat congressman turner pointed to have a document to raise taxes to be disruptive for the republican interest. at are your thoughts? >> don't like it. i think we arell on a slow and steady -- steady slide that is delicate thatushes the envelope. there should be penalties clubs but this document goes a little too far and we need to bmore concerned about the housing recovery to keep us on pace. >> we do need tax reform thathe tax code does need a huge overall even john baker said it it will not happen he incorporated what
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)